Atlases and maps

A Tectonic Map of the Absheron Peninsula (completed)

Scale 1:100,000


 I. When analysing the geologic map of the Absheron peninsula, one established that the main structure elements of Western Absheron are:

  1. The West-Absheron rise (K2-N1);
  2. The Nasosni-Binagadi downdip block (P-N1);
  3. The Kurdakhany-Mashtagi rise (Pl-Q).

II. The zone of the Late Pliocene-Anthropogene superimposed troughs and plateau:

  1. The Chuvaldag (Karadag) plateau (Pl3);
  2. The Gezdeck plateau (Pl3-Q);
  3. The Baku trough (Pl3-Q);
  4. The Bina-Gousan trough (Pl1-Q);
  5. The Dubendi-Zira trough (Pl1-Q);
  6. The Interblock overfault structures.

III. The study of the distribution of mud volcanoes on the Absheron peninsula has shown , that all the volcanoes form strict parallel rows stretching in the north-eastward direction.

  1. The volcanoes Beyuk-dag, Keireki, Zigil-Piri, Gekmaly, Bozdag, Kirmaki, Sulutepe, Bog-Boga, Shonkar and etc. form a single line. We have called this line of volcanoes the Sangachal-Nardaran fault zone. This fault (which is 2,000-2,500 m below the lower segment of the productive series) is a result of sinking of the coast of the Caspian Sea.
  2. The Karadag-Gurganian N.–E. fault starting at Karadag runs through the volcanies Lok-Batan, Bibi-Eibat, Zykh and Pirallakhi.

IV. We have separeted the bellow written rows of volcanoes westwards to the Sangachal-Nardaran zone of faults up to Sumgayit-city:

  1. Kosmaly-Kalagy;
  2. Novkhany-Tashgyl;
  3. Nagdaly-Sumgayit North-Eastern fault.

V. The deeply sunk coastal zone of the Late Pliocene-Antropogene superimposed troughs and plateaux is located between the Sangachal-Nardaran zone of faults in the west and the Karadag-Gurganian North-Eastern fault in the east.

From the Sangachal-Nardaran fault, up to Sumgayit, all the territory of the Western Absheron is cut by the North-Western faults (the Akhtarma-Shonkar, Shubany-Karakush, Gousan-Geradyl and Kalinski faults).

The Karadag and Gezdek plateaux, Baku trough are separated by the above-mentioned faults. The overfault oil bearing structures such as Lock-Batan, Bibi-Eybat, Shubany and others are linked to the North-Western Shubany-Karakush fault. The Baku through is separated from the Bina-Gousan through by the Gousan-Geradil North-Western fault, which gave a rise to the Zykh, Kara-Chukhur, Surakhany, Ramany, Zabrat, Sabunchi and Balakhany oil-bearing structures.

The Bina-Gousan through is separated from the Dubendy-Zirya trough by the North-Western Kalinski fault, above which the oil-field Azizbekovneft came into being.