Atlases and maps

Map of the Mud Volcanoes of the Caspian Sea (completed, 1995)

Scale 1:500,000 (1995)


The South Caspian depression is a classical region of the formation and activity of mud volcanoes. This peculiar natural museum is unique in the world in the number of mud volcanoes, volume of mud volcanic breccia and combustible gas emanated into the atmosphere.

Mud volcanic areas in the South Caspian depression are widely distributed in the territory of Western Azerbaijan and Eastern Turkmenia. The southern depression of the Caspian Sea occupies most of its territory. Marine mud volcanoes are comparatively well studied at depths up to 50-100 m. Mud volcanoes from other regions, in particular the deepsea part, have not been investigated and the information about them is limited. Presented for the first time, this map of the Caspian sea mud volcanoes, fills the void and makes it possible to evaluate the regularities of their distribution in different parts of the sea. Data given on the map are of both theoretical and practical importance. They make it possible to evaluate the geological structure of deep-seated horizons, their composition, peculiarities of tectonic structure and to evaluate prospects of the oil-and-gas content of rocks of different stratigraphic age.

The map may be of great interest when choosing the site for exploration wells on or near the location of mud volcanoes.