(Ad.A. Aliyev, I.S. Guliyev, A.A. Feyzullayev)

Baku, 2012, "Qoliaf qroup" CSC, 206 p.

(in azerbaijan, russian and english)

Mud volcanism is one of the most interesting, unique, and mysterious wonder of the nature, which occurs in many countries of the world. The problem of mud volcanism is an important research direction in the science of geology and study of mud volcanoes, mainly related to the study of hydrocarbon potential of the deep layers. The territory of Azerbaijan is the classical region of the development of mud volcanoes and not by accident that Azerbaijan is known a country of mud volcanoes. There are more than 300 different types of mud volcanoes with its manifestations both on land and water area of the Caspian Sea. They are studied by Azeri scientists in detail and results of these investigation are reflected in numerous articles and monographies. But preparing book is submitted for publication by authors gives popular-science information about Azerbaijan and the world mud volcanoes. For instance, we can note that the development, characteristic features, classification, distribution along the study area, activity, eruption, the relativity oil and gas field with seismicity and comparison with magmatic volcano, medical importance of mud cure, using of mud volcano production, protection of mud volcano areas, involvement them to ecotourism maybe be interesting for the extensive readers circle. This book is written in very popular and accessible form for readers and elucidates properly on a broad sphere of fundamental and practical aspects of mud volcanism. I think it will be enthusiastically received and supported by readers.