March 17, 2020
The “Catalog of mud volcanoes eruptions of Azerbaijan” has been published in the Elm Publishing House.

The authors of the book are ScD in Geology and Mineralogy, Professor Adil Aliyev, ScD in Geology and Mineralogy, academician Ibrahim Guliyev and ScD in Geology and Mineralogy Rahid Rakhmanov. The science editor is academician Akif Alizadeh. The reviewers are academician Akper Feyzullayev and corresponding member of ANAS Dadash Huseynov.

This is the third edition of the book. The first edition of the catalog was published in 2001 and included mud volcanoes eruptions of Azerbaijan from 1810 to 2001, the second - mud volcanoes eruptions until 2007. This edition covers chronological data of Azerbaijan mud volcanoes eruptions from 2008 to 2019.

The book, written in Russian and English, provides information on mud volcanism and products of volcanoes activities. Some peculiarities of the process of mud volcanic eruption are examined as well. The geochemistry of the ejecta, the isotopic composition of the eruptive gas, water and oil are considered.

There are data of 45 eruptions from 28 Azerbaijan mud volcanoes in the book. In conclusion, quantitative assess the mud volcanoes activity. The intensity of eruption and some peculiarities of paroxysm of mud volcanism manifestations in time and space in the territory of Eastern Azerbaijan and the adjacent water area of the Caspian Sea are considered.

The book also contains photographs of the mud volcanoes eruptions occurred in Azerbaijan in 2008-2019.

Public Relations Department
ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics