17 december 2018

The presentation of the book “Photo and Word” of the Head of the Public Relations Department of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, a writer, journalist and photographer Shirmammad Nazarli was held at the Central Scientific Library of ANAS.

Deputy Chairman of Azerbaijans Press Council Mushfig Aleskerli noted the importance of the book in the study of the art of photojournalism. M. Aleskerli also noted that the author combined the word and photo through journalism theories and photos taken by the author. The book is intended for future journalists, amateur photographers, professional photographers and readers.

Editor-in-chief of “525th newspaper” Rashad Majid, Dean of the faculty of journalism of Baku State University Vugar Aliyev, honored journalist Tahir Aydinoglu (“Khalg” newspaper), chairman of Azerbaijan Photographers Union Mirnaib Hasanoglu and others spoke at the event.

The history of photography, the stages of development, the world of photography, the production of cameras, the role of photography as product, the role of photography in Azerbaijan, the genre of photography and other are reflected in the book. The author gives recommendations to future photojournalists based on his own experience and photos taken by the author.

Shirmammad Nazarli explains the significance of word in the photos based on firsthand experience and on the works of famous photojournalists. The photos of Sh.Nazarli, made in the genre of report, portrait, landscape, are presented in the book as visual aids.

In conclusion, the author thanked the participants of the event.