December 27, 2017

The next meeting of the ANAS Division of Earth Sciences was held.

ANAS President, academician Akif Alizadeh, Vice-President, academician Ibrahim Guliyev, members of the Department, Directors of institutes, Deputy Directors of science and scientific secretaries took part in the event.

The Academician-Secretary of the Division of Earth Sciences Fakhraddin Kadirov noted that this event was devoted to the results of scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, the Institute of Oil and Gas and the Museum of Natural History for 2017.

Then Deputy Director of science of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, corresponding member of ANAS Dadash Huseynov presented a report on the results of scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the IGG for 2017. D.Huseynov said that 18 research works on 4 problems covering 10 topics were carried out during 2017. D.Huseynov noted about joint researches, carried out with the Italian National Research Council, the University of Michigan (USA), the French National Center for Scientific Research, University of Toulouse (France) and other international organizations and scientific structures.

In the reporting year works within the framework of the “State Program on socio- economic development of regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2014-2018 years”, the “State Program for the development of industry in Azerbaijan in 2015-2020”, “Radon Safety Research Program and measures aimed at radiation decrease in the Azerbaijan Republic for 2014-2018”, Development Concept “Azerbaijan-2020: a look to the future” and Action Plan on the Concept for Development of ANAS until 2020 were carried out.

Deputy Director reported about 4 grant projects fulfillment in this year and 6 projects continuation. He noted that 7 people undertook the IGG Masters degree for 5 specialties in 2017-2018 academic year, 23 people are pursuing a DSc, 17 people are pursuing a PhD.

D. Huseynov noted that 123 papers (45 of them abroad) were published by Institutes staff during 2017. 33 articles were published in impact factor journals, 7 papers were included in the Thomson Reuters database.

In conclusion the scientist reported about 13 research priority determined by IGG Strategic road map, the implementation of which will begin in 2018.

The following reporter, Scientific Deputy Director of the Institute of Oil and Gas (IOG), Doctor in Geology and Mineralogy Vagif Gurbanov reported about the results of scientific and scientific-organizational activities of IOG in 2017. V. Gurbanov noted that during this year 11 research works were carried out on 7 topics covering 3 problems. He also said about works continuation within the framework the “State Program for the development of industry in Azerbaijan in 2015-2020” and the “State Program on the implementation of the National Strategy for Information Society Development in Azerbaijan for 2016-2020 years.

V.Gurbanov reported about subscription of memorandum on cooperation with the Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Perm National Research Polytechnic University (Russia), “Mitsubishi Corporation” (Japan) and Mangistau Humanitarian-Technical University (Kazakhstan). Then the scientist reported about compilation of 3D petrophysical models of the productive horizons of Sangachal-Duvany-Khara-Zire deposit.

The Deputy Director also said that 1 person undertook a masters degree of IOG in specialty “Geology” in the 2017-2018 academic year.

The reported noted that 3 books, 48 articles (21 of them - in impact factor journals), 27 theses of Institutes staff were published in 2017. 6 articles were included in the Thomson Reuters database, 2 – in SCOPUS.

The following reporter, Director of the Museum of Natural History, Ph.D. in Biology Tariel Eybatov said that paleontology, archeology, archeozoology, ecology of the Caspian seal and replenishment of museum collection are the main areas of activity.

T. Eybatov said that in 2017 a new species of vertebrate, as well as a lot of remains of the Southern elephant, Red deer, Mercks rhinoceros and the horse were discovered around Mingachevir reservoir and in the ridges of Bozdagh and Garaja. Remains of invertebrate animals and more than 10 thousand bones of vertebrate animals were discovered on the territory of Binagadi.

The scientist also noted about work continuation aimed to conservation and breeding of the Caspian seal.

In conclusion, Director of the Republican Seismic Survey Center, corresponding member of ANAS Gurban Yetirmishli and a group of IOG staff were awarded with medals of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Department of Public Relations
Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS