Institute of Geology of National Academy of Sciences conducts researches with the aim of using the thermal waters, as heat source. The scientists involved in detection of location coordinates of these heart, sure that they have a high energy potential. It is also possible to obtain high temperature thermal treatment of electric energy

Such technologies have become widely known in the world. Studies is conducted in compliance with the “State program for use in the republic of Azerbaijan Alternative and renewable energy sources.” Work is carried out under the direction of head of department of hydro-geology and engineering of geology institute, doctor of geology and mineralogical sciences- Yusif Israfilov.

He notes that, at present, the principal task facing the scientists of the Geology Institute, is detection of the exact-coordinates formation centers of thermal waters in Azerbaijan.  If the location of these centers will be scientifically justified, relevant government agencies will be informed about the possibilities of drilling for the use of thermal waters. Researches conducted jointly with the head of department of the Geology institute of Russia
Russian academy of sciences, doctor geological and mineralogical sciences- Vasiliy Lavrushin. For determining the depth of the thermal water sources, the scientists use a complex of methods: hydrogeological, geochemical, gidrodynamical, geothermal and others. So, that before reaching  the earth surface through the tectonic faults, water passes through the layers of the earth capacity is several kilometers. Components in the composition of the water is specific for various breeds, allow to determine the depth migration of these waters. In addition to this study depth  geotectonic condition of the earth, structure of deep tectonic faults and hydro geo-deformation areas also possible to determine the depth of migration of waters.

All this makes it possible to set coordinates for the location of hearth of thermal water formation.