“Geological miracles of
Azerbaijan” book set was published by ANAS Institute of Geology. The publication include following books: “What we know about oil?”, “What we know about mud volcanoes?, and “Geological heritage of the Republic of Azerbaijan”. Mentioned first book describes oil exploration from organic compounds, shifting into hydrocarbons, oil production, transportation and processing, as well as all aspects of their role in the development of the international community. Here, special section includes the most important events in the history of the oil industry in Azerbaijan, and brief biographical references about the country"s first oil industrialists. The book has been written for people who are non-informed about oil, in journalistic style, authors are acad. Ibrahim Guliyev, corresponding member of ANAS Akber Feyzullayev and PhD in geological-mineralogical sciences Melahet Afandiyeva, scientific-editor Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, prof. Fikrat Babayev.

The book dealt with formation of mud volcanoes, eruption mechanism, oil and gas deposits and connection with earthquakes. Authors are I. Guliyev, A. Feyzullayev and Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Adil Aliyev. Both books have been written in Azerbaijan, English and Russian.

“Geological heritage of the Republic of Azerbaijan” is in English, and about rare geological objects in our country. Authors are of geological-mineralogical sciences Telet Kalangarli and Shikhali Babayev.

Books set devoted to the “Eurovision-2012” song contest 57 welcomed with interest by the guests of our city.

Southern Federal University, Russian scientist Dmitriy Ruban had referenced to “What we know about oil? book on the “Zentralblatt” scientific journal of Germany over Geology and paleontology. Minister of Education Misir Merdanov and rector of Baku State University, acad. Abel Maharramov shared their impressions on “Geological miracles of Azerbaijan” book set.