Improvement of modelling of hydrogascynamic bases for development of deep gas-condensate fields

The dissertation focuses on formation and improvement of scientific foundation in development of gas-condensate fields. Complex of gas-hydrodynamic methods of technological indicators prediction in development of gas-condensate fields has been suggested which is a theoretical generalization of scientific foundation of projection. So:

-  estimated method allowing to model the process of gas-condensate systems supply to hydrodynamic imperfect well on gas regime has been developed. On the base of this method the patterns of retrograde condensate accumulation on bed thickness are defined in borehole zone of well in time and also the places of drilling and grade of well imperfection are determined;
-  estimated method for increase of recovery component of gas-condensate bed on the model base of three-phase filtration of binary hydrocarbon mixture have been formed. These methods are based on evaporation efficiency for low molecular components of retrograde condensate by water displacement of gas condensate mixture;
-  modeling of processing of borehole zone gas condensate wells by different gases has been made to increase their productivity considering multi-component phases and deep deposit of VII horizon of Bulla-deniz field has been sampled. Its high efficiency was defined even for final stage of development;
- a new method for technological indication has been determined in development of gas-condensate deposits on natural regimes under different methods influence on deposit and on borehole zone of wells on the base of binary model considering phase transformations. The model differs by following: thermodynamic parameters can be defined by equation condition analytically,by isothermic differential condensation and pseudo components, and also by pVT research;
- a high accuracy of calculations has been defined for processing of borehole zones of gas-condensate wells by different on the base of binary model filtration and special thermodynamic research in comparison with multi component filtration;
- estimated model and algorithm for borehole zone processing of bed by liquid hydrocarbon solvents is developed. Its high efficiency has been proved;
- method of filtration-capacity properties identification and functions of relative phase permeabilities of gas-condensate systems has been created on data of studied changes of wells factual indicators;
- there has been considered possibility of the determination of condensate output of adeposit on the base of development data of boreholes and pVT properties of fluids. A new expression has been proposed enabling to determine phase correlation of condensate and gas according to available values of densiti, viscosity, amount of condensate in a gas phase and amount of saturated condensate;

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