Zohrabova Vadjifa Ramazan gizi

Place of Birth
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 Azerbaijan Petroleum and Chemistry Institute
Scientific degree
 Candidate of geologic-mineralogical sciences
Topic of PhD thesis:            
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 Geology, search and exploration of ore and nonore deposits
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 Conditions of formation and material composition of Eocene seepages of bentonites in the Qobustan-Shemakha region
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Main scientific achievements
She was the first who determined and characterized the Shikhandag field and a number of seepages of alkaline bentonites.

A number of manifestations was revealed in Eocene deposits of Gobustan area Industrial valuable deposits of bentonites and zeolites of Azerbaijan have been studied and their use by purifying of table and technical water
Names of scientific works
1. Литолого-геохимическая характеристика палеоцен-эоценовых отложений Шамахы-Гобустанской области Азербайджана. ДАН Азерб. ССР, т. ХХIV №10, 22-27

2. Минералогия глин эоценовых отложений Шамахы-Гобустанской области и приуроченных к ним промышленных месторождений бентонитов. Изв.АН Азерб. №4, 1985, 8 стр.

3. Бентонитовые глины третичного возраста (эоцен) «Геология Азербайджана, том VI. Полезные ископаемые» Изд. «Nafta-Press». 2003, 432-436

4. Палеогеновая система-эоцен «Геология Азербайджана, том II. Литология» Изд. «Nafta-Press». 2005, 104-131
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Main place of work and its address
Institute of Geology and Geophysics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, H.Javid st., 119, Baku , AZ1143, Azerbaijan 
 Principal researcher
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 (+994 12) 5100141. add.110
  (+994 50) 6733307
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 (+994 12) 3766835