Veliyev Zaki Abdulla oglu

Place of Birth
 Azerbaijan, Baku
Date of Birth
Scientific degree
 Ph D (Geology and mineralogy)
  professor- assistant
Topic of PhD thesis:            
-  specialty code
 04.00.14 - (new 25.20.01)
-  specialty name
 Geology, search and exploration of nonore deposits (new version – geology, search and exploration of hard economic minerals, minerageny)
-  topic name
 Patterns of distribution and formation conditions for antimonial – mercury mineraliqation in deposits and ore manifestations of Levchai ore field. (Lesser Caucasus), 1985
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Main scientific achievements
I determined regular, spacial – time relation of the mercurial, antimonial-mercurial, mercurial-gold ore etc. in the central part of the Lesser deposits Caucasus. His scientific activity is connected with the interpretation of the data of space studies dealing with ore geology.
Names of scientific works
1. Сурьмяно-мышьяково-ртутная формация. В кн. «Геодинамика офиолитов в структуре Малого Кавказа и Ирана» Изд-во «Элм», Баку. 1996, с. 288-368. (в соавторстве с Т.Аб. Гасановым) (in Russian).

2. Deposits of small metals: deposits of antimony, mercury and arsenic” – In b. “Geology of Azerbaijan”, v. “Economic minerals”, Baku, Pub. “Nafta Press”, 2003 (co-author Y.D. Zamanov), (in Russia).

3. Dependence of physical and technical properties of rocks on external factor while performing mining works. Mining – geological journal 2006, №2(8), p.3-10 (co-authors Ramazanov V.G., E.D. Efendieva), (in Russian).

4. Spatial-time distribution of mercury and antimony-mercury deposits in Geicha-Akerine zone of the Lesser Caucasus. In b. “Problems of geodynamics, petrology and metallogeny of the Caucasus”, Baku, 2007, p.336-342.

5. Geochemical peculiarities of ore-enclosing rocks and their role in the prediction of hidden mineralization (case study of the Levchai ore field, Lesser Caucasus). In b. “Scientific inheritance of academician M.A. Kahskai, (A view from the XXIth century), Baku, 2007, p.293-302.

6. Problems of metallogeny of the Sevan-Akerine zone in the Lesser Caucasus. Izvestiya NANA, ser. “Earth Sciences”, 2008, №1, p. 55-56. (co – authors: A.D. Ismail-zadeh, Y.N. Lyatipova), (in Russia).

7. Deep faults and their role in degassing of the Earth. Proceedings of the All – Union Conference “Degassing of the Earth: geodynamics, geofluids, oil, gas and their paragenesises”, Moscow, 2008, p. 42-43. (Co-author A.T. Akhverdiyev), (in Russian).
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
Pedagogical activity
Since 1988 up to now alongside with my work at the Institute, am a lecturer in Baku State University at first in the chair “Economic minerals” and then in chair “Hydrogeology and engineering geology” on disciplines:

“Exploration of economic minerals deposits”, “Structures of ore fields and deposits”, “Plate tectonics and ore formation”, “Recent problems of Science”, “Remote sensing”, “Aerocosmic investigation of hydrosphere”, etc. Veliyev Z.A. has 75 published papers is co-author of 24 scientific-research papers, 30 scientific-publicistic papers. More than 25 diplomants defended the ses under his supervision; in co-author of several methodical programs for bachelors and masters.
Other activities
Awarding and prizes
Main place of work and its address
Institute of Geology and Geophysics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, H.Javid st., 119, Baku , AZ1143, Azerbaijan 
  Leading scientific worker
Office phone
 (+994 12) 5100141-45. 217
  (+994 50) 5901049
Home phone
 (+994 12) 5382920
 (+994 12) 4975285