Agayeva Solmaz Tofiq gizi

Place of Birth
 Baku, Azerbaijan
Date of Birth
 July 3 1956
Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, Faculty of Geological Prospecting, Diploma of Mining engineer-geophysicist
Scientific degree
Candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences
Associate Professor in the Speciality of Geophysics, geophysical Methods of Reconnaissance and Prospecting of the Minerals
Topic of PhD thesis:            
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 Geophysical methods of reconnaissance and prospecting of the minerals
-  topic name
The elastic stress fields of seismogenic structures of the Azerbaijanian part of Great Caucausus"s slope
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Main scientific achievements
- There were revealed regional features of main stress axes of the study of focal mechanisms of strong and weak earthquakes in Azerbaijan;

- An assessment of stress state Earth"s crust of Azerbaijan is given.

1. It was established, that the Greater Caucasus, Lesser Caucasus and Talysh are characterized by near-horizontal stress compression, acting in submeridional direction across to regional structures of general Caucasus direction.

Stress state of Earth’s crust for Greater and Lesser Caucasus, Talysh is subordinated the general relationship existing with the Mediterranean mobile belt.

Fault motions comprise reverse and thrust displacement.

2. Kura depression is characterized by horizontal stress tension in connection with the regional structures of General Caucasus direction.

Obtained orientation of stress axes is subordinated the relationship existing with the Eastern Mediterranean.

Movements in a fault plane for focal zones of Kura depression contains normal and strike-slip.

3 Caspian region is characterized by the state of near-horizontal tension stress; obtained result accords with the existing distribution scheme of main stress for earthquake focal rift zone.

Fault motions comprise strike-slip (north of the Absheron peninsula).

Fault motions comprise normal and strike-slip (south of the Absheron peninsula).
Names of scientific works
1. Каспийское землетрясение 25.11.2000. (совм. А.Г.Гасанов, Б.М.Панахи, Г.Д.Етир­мишли, Р.Р.Абдуллаева), Баку // НАНА, Известия «Науки о Земле», 2005, № 1, сс.43-51.

2. Stress state of the Earth’s crust in Azerbaijan. Proceeding of the International Workshop on recent geodynamics, georisk and sustainable development in the Black Sea to Caspian Sea region. Melville, New York, 2006, AIP Conference Proceeding, Volume 825, pp.97-102.

3. Характер проявления сейсмичности на территории Азербайджана за период 1992-2001 гг. (совместно с Гасановым А.Г., Етирмишли Г.Д., Абдуллаевой Р.Н.). Международная конференция «Сейсмичность Северной Евразии», посвященная 10-летию выпуска сборника научных трудов «Землетрясения Северной Евразии», Обнинск: ГС РАН, 2008.

4. S.T.Agayeva, G.R.Babayev «Analysis of earhquake focal mechanisms for Greater and Lesser Caucasus applying the method of World Stress Map», Известия НАН Азербайджана, науки о Земле, Баку, 2009, №2, сс.40-44.

5. «GPS Мониторинг и сейсмичность коллизионной зоны Азербайджанской части Большого Кавказа», Известия НАНА, серия “Науки о Земли”, 2009, №3. с. 12-18. (совм. с А.Г.Кадыров, Г. Р. Бабаев, Ф.А. Кадиров и др.)

6. «Сейсмическое районирование южного склона Большого Кавказа по фрактальным особенностям землетрясений, напряженному состоянию и по данным GPS скоростей». Физика Земли, РАН, 2013, № 4, с. 111–119. (совм. с Ф.А. Кадиров, А.Г. Кадыров, Г.Р. Бабаев)
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
1. Member of Seismological Special Council (approved by the decree of the Presidium of ANAS dated February 25, 2009).

2. Scientific Secretary of the Scientific Council for Geodesy and Geophysics of the International Association of Academies of Sciences (МААН)
Pedagogical activity
1. Masters degree, 2-nd year, study subject “Seismic zoning of the territory of Azerbaijan”, Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS (branch of the Department “ Seismology and Earth Physics”, BGU).

2. Masters degree, 1-st year, study subject "Marine geophysical exploration methods", Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS, specialty "Geology of the bottom of the World"s Ocean”.
Other activities
Awarding and prizes
Main place of work and its address
 Azerbaijan National Academy of Science Institute of Geology and Geophysics, 119A, H. Javid Ave., Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ 1143
 Leading Scientific researcher-seismologist of Department of “Geodynamics and Seismology”
Office phone
 (+994 12) 5100141 (256)
 (+994 50) 3492568
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