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Babayev Gulam Rustam oglu

Place of birth
 Baku, Azerbaijan 
Date of birth
September 29th, 1974 
Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (since 2016 Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University), Faculty of Geological Prospecting, mining engineer-geophysicist 
Scientific degree
Doctor of Earth sciences
Associate Professor 
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Geophysical methods of reconnaissance and prospecting of the minerals
Seismic risk assessment of Baku city territory
Topic of doctoral thesis:
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Geophysics, geophysical methods of reconnaissance of the minerals
Modeling of strong ground motion of Baku city on the basis of microseismic data and parameters of scenario earthquakes 
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Basic scientific achievements
-Seismic hazard model, according to which the significant seismic and tectonic peculiarities were defined and potential seismicity of seismogenic structures of Absheron peninsula was estimated.
-Probabilistic seismic hazard estimation on the basis of which earthquake occurrence law for the Absheron peninsula was drawn and maximum magnitudes of the projected and maximum calculated earthquakes were estimated.
-Seismic microzoning results for Baku city on the basis of microtremor measurements in the values of Peak Ground Acceleration, intensity and amplification factor of the seismic waves.
-With the application of Nakamura technique, it was defined that ground conditions affect seismic intensity on the studied region.
-Application of the clusterization, Alan factor analysis and multidimensional grouping of seismic events the time range in dynamic mode of seismic sequence for the period 1842-2012, identifying patterns that precede and/or accompany a major seismic event and to more accurately setting the frequency of earthquakes and interrelatedness were estimated.
- Calculated stress rate distribution throughout the Azerbaijan territory and adjacent regions on the basis of focal mechanism solution with the moment magnitude Мw≥5.
- Effect of the strong Caspian (Baku) earthquake on November 25th, 2000 on the changes of static and dynamic pressure of mud volcanoes located in Shamakha-Gobustan and Absheron areas before and after the earthquake. It was find out that volcanoes in the Shamakhi-Gobustan zones are situated in the compressional state, but mud volcanoes in the Absheron peninsula – dilation state.
- Modeling of strong ground motion of Baku city on the basis of parameters of scenario earthquakes
Names of scientific works
1. Babayev G. Seismic Hazard Assessment for Baku City and Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan. Recent geodynamics, georisk and sustainable development in the Black Sea to Caspian Sea region. Conference proceedings of American Institute of Physics, Vol. 825, Melville, New-York, USA, 2006, pp. 113-119.
2. Бабазаде О., Бабаев Г. Сейсмическое микрорайонирование Апшеронского полуострова. Журнал РАН "Геоэкология" №2, Россия, 2007, с.143-150.
3. Agayeva S.T., Babayev G.R. «Analysis of earthquake focal mechanisms for Greater and Lesser Caucasus applying the method of World Stress Map», Известия НАН Азербайджана, науки о Земле, Баку, 2009, №2, pp. 40-44.
4. Babayev G., A. Ismail-Zadeh, J.-L. Le Mouel. Scenario-based earthquake hazard and risk assessment for Baku (Azerbaijan). Natural Hazards Earth Systems Science (NHESS), Vol. 10, 2010, pp. 2697–2712.
5. Babayev G. R. Model of seismic hazard for Baku city in large-scale earthquakes with consideration of seismogenic elements АМЕА Gənc Аlimlərin Əsərləri, №3, 2010, p. 24-37.
6. Бабаев Г. Современная модель сейсмичности месторождения Балаханы-Сабунчи-Рамана по параметрам сценарных землетрясений. Azərbaycan Neft Təsərrüfatı, 2012, №12, c. 11-15.
7. Telesca L., Babayev G., Kadirov F. Temporal clustering of the seismicity of the Absheron-Prebalkhan region in the Caspian Sea area. Natural Hazards Earth Systems Sciences (NHESS), Vol. 12, 2012, pp. 3279–3285; doi:10.5194/nhess-12-1-2012.
8. Kadirov F.A., Babayev G. R., Gadirov A.H., Safarov R.T. Site Effect Evaluation Based On Microtremor Measurements For Baku City. Azərbaycan Milli Elmlər Akademiyası Geologiya İnstitutu, Respublika Seysmoloji Xidmət Mərkəzi. 2012-ci İldə Azərbaycan Ərazisində Seysmoproqnoz Müşahidələrin Kataloqu, “Тəкnur”, Bakı, 2012, pp. 530-534.
9. Kadirov F.A., Babayev G.R. Gadirov A.H., Safarov R.T. Analysis of Horizontal and Vertical Spectra of Microseisms for Baku city. PCI 2012. IV International Conference “Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics”. Volume II, Seismic Devices, Systems and Technology, Baku, 12-14 September, 2012, 96-98 pp.
10. Telesca L., Lovallo M., Babayev G., Kadirov F. Spectral and informational analysis of seismicity: an application to the 1996-2012 seismicity of Northern Caucasus-Azerbaijan part of Greater Caucasus-Kopet Dag Region. Physica-A Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, 2013. doi: 10.1016/j.physa.2013.07.031.
11. Кадиров Ф.А., Кадыров А.Г., Бабаев Г.Р., Агаева С.Т., Мамедов С.К., Гарагезова Н.Р., Сафаров Р.Т. Сейсмическое районирование южного склона Большого Кавказа по фрактальным особенностям землетрясений, напряженному состоянию и по данным GPS скоростей. ФизикаЗемли, 2013, № 4, с. 111–119.
12. Kadirov F.A., Gadirov A.G., Babayev G.R., Agayeva S.T., Mammadov S.K., Garagezova N.R., Safarov R.T. Seismic Zoning of the Southern Slope of Greater Caucasus from the Fractal Parameters of the Earthquakes, Stress State and GPS Velocities, Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth, Vol. 49, No. 4, pp. 554–562, 2013 (original in Russian).
13. Babayev G., Tibaldi A., Bonali F., Kadirov F. Evaluation of earthquake-induced strain in promoting mud eruptions: the case of Shamakhi–Gobustan–Absheron areas, Azerbaijan, Natural hazards 72 (2), 2014, pp. 789-808.
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15. Luciano Telesca, Michele Lovallo, Samir Mammadov, Fakhraddin Kadirov, Gulam Babayev. Power spectrum analysis and multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis of Earth gravity time series. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. Volume 428, pp. 426–434, 2015. doi:10.1016/j.physa.2015.02.034.
16. Kadirov F.A., Ahadov B.G., Gadirov A.H., Babayev G.R., Mammadov S.G., Safarov R.T.. Microtremor Survey and Spectral Analyses of H/V Ratio for Baku City (Azerbaijan). Proceedings of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, The Sciences of Earth, №3, 2015, pp. 18-24.
17. Babayev G., Telesca L. Site specific ground motion modeling and seismic response analysis for microzonation of Baku, Azerbaijan. Acta Geophysica. Vol. 64, No. 6, pp. 2151-2170, 2016. doi:10.1515/acgeo-2016-0105.
18. Бабаев Г.Р., Ахмедова Э.В., Кадиров Ф.А. Анализ напряженно-деформированного состояния Кавказского региона (Азербайджан) по векторам максимальных горизонтальных напряжений и с использованием программ проекта «World Stress Map». Геофизический Журнал, №3, Vol. 39, сс. 26-39, 2017. doi:
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations
1. Deputy Head of Azerbaijan National Data Center (Az-NDC) at CTBTO (2008 – present).
2. Secretary General of Azerbaijan National Committee for International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) (2011- present).
Pedagogical activity
1st year Master courses of ANAS. “Applied geophysics” (2017-2018) 
Other activities
- Head of Young Scientists Board of the Geology and Geophysics Institute ANAS (2006-2012)
- Head of International Relations Office ANAS (2013-2016) 
Awards and prizes
- Award of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic for the best scientific achievement in 2006 (2007)
Main place of work and its address
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences  Geology and Geophysics Institute, 119, H. Javid Ave., Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1143 
Office phone
(+994 12) 5100141 (+254)
(+994 50) 3904075 
Home phone
(+994 12) 4939059