Ph.D. Theses

Improvement of condensate recovery with the impact on gascondensate layers by hydrocarbon gases and water-gas mixture at various stages of development

Damirov Asaf Agajafar oglu

2525.01 - Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields

Researches in the directions on a hydrodynamic modelikrovaniye of bedded processes at impact on layer have been conducted by hydrocarbonic gases and water gas mix at various stages of development of deep-laying gas-condensate fields, on studying of the main regularities of the difficult filtrational processes happening in layer on development of new technological methods for the purpose of increase in efficiency of development. At the same time:

1. The theoretical base of three-phase multicomponent filtrational model is developed for the correct estimation of efficiency of methods of joint impact on gas-condensate layer by uglevokdorodny gases and water in intervals of pressure pressure of initial condensation are lower and pressure of the maximum condensation at development of hydrocarbonic reserves are higher.

2. Methods of the solution of problems of influence of the composition of hydrocarbonic mix on a kondensatotdacha developed in the mode of exhaustion, gas-condensate layer are developed and the proportionality between quantities, the operated from layer, stable condensate and easy liquid fractions as a part of reservoir gas is established.

3. Process of impact on the exhausting gas-condensate layer has been simulated by light liquid hydrocarbons and gas, and possibilities of an intensification of extraction of retrograde condensate are proved.

4. The efficiency of influence of processing of a bottomhole zone is estimated by gases of various structure at various stages of development of gas-condensate layer in the exhaustion mode, and the sufficient efficiency of influence to wells is established by light liquid hydrocarbons and gas at reservoir pressure, pressure of the maximum condensation are lower.

5. Methods of identification of filtrational and capacitor parameters of gas-condensate system on change of the actual operational indicators of layer are offered.