Ph.D. Theses

Evaluation of the petroleum potential of the Triassic-Paleozoic deposits of Southern Mangyshlak on complex data of geological and geophysical studies

Shilanov Nurjan Sisenbayevich

2521.01 - Geology, search and exploration of oil and gas fields

In this dissertation a detailed description of the geological structure of the southern Mangyshlak and the facies conditions of formation of the Paleozoic, the Triassic of productive deposits was given. The lithologic - petrographical features and the reservoir properties on selected core samples were studied using modern laboratory equipment.

Structural features of Paleozoic and Triassic sediments of the transition are based on the materials of drilling of hundreds of deep exploratory wells and the results of interpretation of seismic surveys.

The well testing results were thoroughly analyzed. According to the tests in the open borehole, testing in a convoy of exploration wells in the intervals of volcanic-carbonate deposits of the middle Triassic was determined by the productivity of the deposits, where the intensity of the oil flow directly depends on the properties of the secondary collectors Recommendations on the selection of the mud at the opening of layers and the descent slotted filter were given to prevent clogging of the pore space.

The lower limits of the filtration-capacitive properties of volcanogenic-carbonate and terrigenous rocks of the middle and upper Triassic were justified. The petro physical dependence of the parameter of porosity on the porosity coefficient, the saturation parameter on the coefficient of water saturation were clarified .The magnitude of the mileage time of elastic waves and the density of grains in different rocks were estimated The obtained results were used in the calculation and recalculation of reserves of hydrocarbon accumulations.

Conclusion about these petroleum potential prospects is based on the extensive material obtained from the results of the exploration operations in the South Mangyshlak. Moreover high prospects for the discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in the Paleozoic sediments were presented, that were confined to the traps of non-structural type. In conclusion, it was emphasized that the methodology of searching for new hydrocarbon deposits will be promising only in the case of integrated geological and geophysical studies, core sampling and the saturating fluids, the implementation of technological research and high level scientific support of geological exploration