Ph.D. Theses

Diagnosis of optimal and reliable work regimes of «well-storage» system during the gas-liquid mixtures movement

Ismayilova Fidan B.

2525.01 - Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields

The thesis concerns the problems of increase of functioning reliability and efficiency of producing wells and pipelines of storage and transportation of multi-phase mixtures.

The goal of the work is development of diagnosis methods of optimal and reliable work regimes of «well-storage» system considering rheophysical peculiarities and structural forms of gas-liquid mixtures flows.

The thesis consists of the introduction, four chapters, conclusion, references and appendices.

The goal of the work, its urgency and innovation have been substantiated, the main tasks of the carried out investigations have been formulated in the first chapter.

Peculiarities of the system of well products storage and transportation, main requirements placed to them have been stated, occurred complications and main factors influencing their functioning efficiency have been analyzed. Grapho-analytican method of determination of the transition to structure formation based on rheophysical characteristics of the produced ARP deposits containing oils has been offered.

The second chapter concerns the problems of hydraulic calculation of underwater pipelines of storage and transporting of off-shore wells products considering their water encroachment and ungasinfying degree. Storage and transportation peculiarities of multi-phase flows of product of various water encroachment wells at «Gunashli» field example have been analyzed.

Considering phase sliding and gavition forces for partial gasified emulsions an improved methodics of hydraulic calculation of underwater pipelines at «Gunashli» field example has been offered.

In the third chapter the problems of optimization of underwater oilgas pipelines functioning regimes have been considered if there is gravitation force based on electric analogy.

The optimization possibility of the work of gas-liquid mixtures storage and transportation has been shown at «Gunashli» field example and can be applied for analysis of functioning and optimization of work regimes of innerfield gathering of corbohidrogens in off-shore conditions.

The fourth chapter concerns the problems of efficiency increase of gascondensate mixtures transportation in the pipelines. At the example of «Umid» off-shore field pipelines of oil-gas-condensate storage and transportation the calculation of the pipeline has been carried out considering interinfluence of phases and distance of mixture storage in one phase condition has been determined.

The offered improved methodics of hydraulic calculation of underwater oil-gas pipelines has been approved in «Gunashli» field.