Dr. Theses

Scientifically - practical basis of deposits oil recovery increase with bard mineable reserves

Azer M. Qasimli

The thesis is devoted to the development of scientifically - practical basis and search of the new methods of field development effectiveness increase of the hard mineable reserves.

There are given laboratory researches îï oil recovery increase study at different collector features of porous medium, saturated f1uids, and technological and geological1y-field conditions.

The appearance process of dead space at deposit watering by hot water is also studied depending upon enter way of exploitation and location of injection well and there are also used methods on decrease of their sizes.

The experiments în determination of simultaneous pressure influence and temperature îï the oil extraction coefficient and there are also put models that determines hot water pumping pressure and temperature with purpose to reach maximum technological effect.

Conducted researches of deposit element indicators at different combination of vertically-horizonta1 injection and exploitation well proved that given system of extraction lets decrease sizes of the dead space and increase oil recovery.

There are also developed new resources-economy composition îï the base of waste products of oil - chemical industry and new composition for layers oil recovery increase. At the result of development installation în alkaline watering at Kurovdag deposit there was achieved 20 that of additional oil. Usage of new composition with purpose to cover the layer by the working substance at Balakhany - Sabunchi - Ramany deposit caused to the achievement of the additionally 764 t of oil

The usage of technology about oil ring formation out of the alkaline solution waste caused to the increase of average daily f1ow rate of the oil of the Kirmaky suite wells (I Ks4) of the Balakhany - Sabunchi - Ramany deposit from 0,3-0,5 till 0,7-0,9 t/d.