Dr. Theses

The sea urchines of Azerbaijan and their stratigraphic importance

Ogtay H. Melikov

The Echinodermata, especially the sea urchin and sea lilies parallel with other groups are contained in the base of biostratigraphy method of segmentation. The exploitation of the stratigraphy base of the large-scale geological prospecting works can be successfully used to correlate the local stratigraphy subdivisions and to substantiate the geological age within layers (sub-layers).

This paper detals with the studi of the sea urchines and the sea lilies of Azerbaijan (the Caucasus lesser) during more thirty years.

On the grounds of the study of the paleontological materials the author has succlded in segmentation of the Mesozoig deposits of Kazakh, Agjakend flexures, Karabakh anticlinory, Qyeckca-Karabakh zones, Priaraks flexures.

The have been made up the total cuts of the Lesser Caucasus from the Bayoss layer of the middle Jura till Eocene inclusiol. They are distributed stratigraphy irregulary and they are of great biostratigraphy importance.

The paper contains description of five species of the sea lilies and forty species of sea urchins, being of great importance for paleontology and strarigraphy. The sixteen species from them are are new. There have been reconsiderated the systematic condition of Conoclypus. There have been discussed the question of species formation in connection with evolution. The development and alternation of species and genus structure of the sea urchins class: has been discovered. The stages of their historical development have been established: Jurassic, Berrias-Barrem, Apt-Alb, Senoman, Turon-Santon, Kampan-Maastrikht, Dat-Paleocene and Eocen. Evolution of the sea urchines of late cretaceous period-the representatives of orders Holasteroida and Spatangoida has great importance.

The paper contains a comparison of upper cretaceous sea urchins groups of the Lesser Caucasus width the adjacent regions namely The North Caucasus, Dagestan, Georgia, Turkmen, Mangyshlak, Tuarkyr as well as the west Europe.