Dr. Theses

Forming, prognosis and rational use of the fresh groundwater resources of submontane plains of Azerbaijan Republic

Yusif H. Israfilov

The assessment of the modern qualitative and quantitative parameters of the fresh groundwater deposits (FGD) in the republic with account of their hydraulic relation with surface waters, anthropogenic load and environment protection as well as development of scientific bases of optimization of heir rational use defines the actuality of the dissertation.

The scientific novelty lies in the following: there revealed the regularities of forming of resources structure of FGD and algorithms of the assessment are developed; the conceptual geofiltration model of FGD is substantiated; the scientific base and technology of accumulation of ground drainage on debris cones is developed; the technological scheme of monitoring and method of the hydrological zoning of FGD for their effective use is developed.

There revealed a structure of exploitation resources on individual interfluves generally composing the FGD, the character of hydraulic interrelation of ground and surface waters is determined as well as optimal calculation schemes of their qualitative assessment. To perform the operative prognosis and solution of the practical tasks the creation of constantly operating geofiltration models of FGD is substantiated as well. At the same time the known theoretical bases of the mathematical modeling of the geofiltration system "water - rock" are adopted for hydrogeological states of FGD.

With purpose of the rational use of FGD there developed the scientific-technical bases: transfer of some resources of Ganyh-Agrichai and Ganja GFD to Shirvan and Jeiranchel steppes accordingly; accumulation of ground drainage in favorable hydrogeological structures of debris cones by barrages application; technological schemes of FGD monitoring; principles of the hydrogeological zoning of submontane plains of the republic for their rational use and FGD protection.