Dr. Theses

The boron of geologic complexes of Azerbaijan (regularity of distribution and outlook of prospects)

Babayev I. Nariman

Goal of fulfilment dissertation of activity is the detection of the main sources of formation and presence of boron in different geologic formations of Republic and substantiation of an economic efficiency of its mining. For this purpose the quantitative distribution of boron in geologic complexes with interpretation and data integrating of physicochemical methods of a rock analysis and minerals was studied. Is (made) of more 11000 quantitative spectral analysis on a boron, the new genetic classification of fields of a boron is offered, the cards of distribution of a boric anhydride in products of mud volcanoes and boron-content of Azerbaijan scale 1:500000 are drawn up, for the first time ere detected and the minerals of a boron - ulecsit and drill are described, the geological reserves of a boron on some geologic objects are counted up. Are detected of regularity of regularity of distribution and upbuilding of boron in all types of rocks, generically bound with processes magmatism, metamorphism and litofication.

Some to regularity principled minings is advised for an intrusion in divisions YUJSNIGRI and State committee on geology and mineral resources of Azerbaijan.