Dr. Theses

Geological fundamentals of gas underground storage foundation and the ways of the solution of problem of the gas providing of Azerbaijan

Vagif D.Aslanov

In spite of all importance of the research works, development of gas underground storages systems does not exclude necessity of search any other and possibly more reasonable and economically profitable ways in problem solution of uneven gas consumption regulation.

It should be noted that taking into consideration the fact that solution of the problem cocerning reliability of gas provision in unique foundation of GUS demands for considerable capital expenses. All these, certainly, does not contradict the idea of GUS foundation, but challenges the necessity of any other searches, more economical ways supplementing the technology of underground gas storage. Therefore, that demands for development and improvement of present system of GUS wich concludes eshaction of the new technology of GUS foundation in oil deposits with combination of GUS problems and increase of layer component returning; the new method of GUS foundation in oil deposits has been proposed which observes the process of gas repression; the method of artificial gas cap foundation has also been proposed by way of gas pumping into the top of the oil deposit and the further cyclical exploration of the gas and oil deposit gas containing  zone has been worked out at the regime of regular with the organization of GUS further; the new method of varieties of cycling - process has been proposed; owing to researches carried out it should be noted that oil trap, which are characterized by the collector with low coefficient of permeability, reasonably work out with the application of strong methods, that is, by way of pumping of high pressure gas and hydrocarbon solvents into the oil deposits; the method of residual oil stocks recovery in the conditions of cyclical explaitation of GUS (gas underground storege) has been proposed; the suggestions  concerning foundation of underground capacities has also been proposed in the salt sediments by way of geotechnological oxide hydrogen of salt and complete application of raw materials of the rocks salt connected with foundation of GUS and in addition use of  brines recovered on the basis of large unasted salt - extracetd production. As a result of the study of geology of natural reservoirs, the conditions and prospcetives of development of raw basis of hydrocarbon, a number of solutions have been suggested allowing to optimize the system of gas providing.