Dr. Theses

Appropriateness hydrogeological process in natural-technogenic systems and application of method artificial intellect for its prediction and management (on example of Apsheron agglomeration)

Adishirin B. Alekberov

The man in contemporary world is the strong geological power, which, capable to change the structure bases biosphere and reorganize the natural process in the upper part of the earth.

The ground water interacts with technogenic system very actively. From one side it is the result of exhaustion of groundwater resources and its pollution. From another side the increase its level lead to complication of gynecological situation. The dissertation is dedicated to prediction and management hydrogeological process, definition of appropriateness groundwater forming, estimation geoecological situation.

For example of the Apsheron peninsula is: defined the structure of natural-technogenic system of the Apsheron peninsula; implemented classifications of tendency changing hydrodynamical and hydrochemical process, conditions waterchange of groundwater; determined spatial line of zone active waterchange (according working method); defined functional structure of automatized system of prediction and management hydrogeological situation; devised methods of application system artificial intellect for prediction and management hydrogeological process; implemented the division into districts on tendency changing hydrodynamical and hydrochemical process, waterchange condition, water conductivity rocks, possibility using groundwater, estimation geological situation; determined the features of influence increase the Caspian sea level to hydrogeological conditions by author.