Dr. Theses

Hydrocarbon systems of the South-Caspian basin

Huseynov Dadash Aga-Javad oglu

The South-Caspian oil-and-gas bearing basin is the unique basin with wide range of oil-and-gas content, starting the Aalenian stage till the Late Pliocene. The work states a wide range of problems among which the basic are the assessment of generation potential of the MesoCenozoic deposits of the South-Caspian basin, genetic typification of oil, detection of deep and stratigraphic kitchens of hydrocarbons correspondence, 3D modeling of fluid-generation kitchens, assessment of scales and peculiarities of the South-Caspian basin fluid-dynamics, ranking of the South-Caspian basin water area according to prospec-tivity (commercial value) degree and, what is more important, the development of fluid-dynamic conception of the hydrocarbons search within the South-Caspian basin. All these problems, solving first in the practice of the scientific geologic-geochemical researches, have the single aim – to create the models of the hydrocarbon systems of the rapidly subsiding basins and the development of principles of the hydrocarbons search there.

The generalized conclusions had been made as a result of performed researches as well as the practical recommendations; they are necessary to solve some significant practical problems in the field of search for new hy-drocarbons accumulations within the South-Caspian basin.

The solution is set problems is promoted by the basin modeling and results of paleogeographic and paleofacial studies. They qualitatively assess the possible contribution of each stratigraphic complexes of the region of study into the hydrocarbon forming within the South-Caspian basin.

The practical significance of the work includes the development of criteria and recommendations on technique improvement of the hydrocarbons search, based on the model of hydrocarbon systems of the non-equilibrium basins. The possibility of oil-and-gas accumulation in the decompacted bodies and zones of their dynamic impact is shown. High perspectivity of the South-Caspian basin northern flank is substantiated. The nature of the modern fluid-dynamics in the Priabsheron water area along with results of basin modeling testify to great prob-ability of hydrocarbons accumulations presence in its depths. It represents a real interest to define the detail geologic-geophysical investigations and exploration activities within the transit zone in objects specifically proposed in the work. The ranking of the South-Caspian basin by perspectivity degree had been performed on the base of modern fluid-dynamic activity. What is more important that fluid-dynamic conception of hydrocarbons new deposits search within the South-Caspian basin had been developed for the exploration geology.