Dr. Theses

Structure of the thermal field of the sedimentary complex of South Caspian basin

Mukhtarov Abdulvahab S.

The study is dedicated to learn the thermal field of sedimentary complex of South Caspian basin that attracted rapidly increasing interest of modern world to its energy resources. The problems solved by measuring the temperature in the wells and in the field conditions, determining the thermal properties of rocks in the laboratory, processing and analysis of existing data, mathematical modeling  of the temperature field and heat transport processes and investigating theoretically of the thermal field of the Earth. As a result, the measurement technique of geothermal parameters was improved in the conditions of the Caspian Sea , and new devices have been developed for this purpose.

It was determined the first time in Azerbaijan that the 80% of the heat flow comes from the depth by estimating the radiogenic heat flow density, and evaluating the ratio of the depth and core heat flow.

The time-space structure of the South Caspian basin was studied using new geothermal maps (temperature, horizontal and vertical temperature gradients, heat flow distribution maps), and the number of geothermal anomalies were discovered and it was disclosure their nature. Conformity of distribution of tensions of rock layers with the distribution of horizontal geothermal gradients has been found.

The thermal evolution model of the South Caspian basin taking into account radiogenic heating on sedimentary layers, compaction of sediments and breaks of sedimentation during their accumulation, which allows estimating the depth of oil and gas generation zones of the basin, has been developed.

The mathematical model of a geothermal heat-mass transfer (a model of heat stream) in the mud volcanoes aperture was developed.

Geothermal energy resources of complexes of sedimentary rock were estimated in the South Caspian basin.

Geothermal data base and a new geothermal sections, maps, schemes and models can be used to determine the direction of exploration of oil and gas and minerals.