Dr. Theses

The geological conditions of the formation, regularities of the distribution and comparative analysis of the fields northeast of the part of Iranian Islamic Republic and Caucasus

Mahdi Safari H.

The research is dedicated to study of the geological conditions of the formation and regularities of the accommodation kaolin deposits IIR and South Caucasus. In work is determined space-temporary position existing deposits and manifestations kaolin, are revealed regional geological factors, checking spatial accommodation of deposits clays, are realized industrial-genetic accessories explored deposits and manifestations of the clays, explored mineral-chemical composition, structured-tecstur to particularities and physical characteristic of the clays, studied primary petrografic composition kaolinized sorts and the source and physico-chemical particularities hidrotermal solution, is determined genesis kaolin deposits, is matched kaolin deposits IIR with deposits adjacent region, with Azerbaijani in particular, is realized prospects kaolin deposits, certain directions geology-exploratory work.