Dr. Theses

Geodynamics and magmatism of the Caspian-Caucasus segment of the Mediterranean belt in Phanerozoic

Rustamov Mukhtar I.

Complex materials have been generalized on Phanerozoic geological history of the Caspian-Caucasus segment development and a vivid order has been defined in successive change of geodynamic codition in very tectonic cycle and also spatial-time pattern of magmatism manifestation in Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic. On the base of theory of lithospheric plates tectonics high informative maps of Paleotectonic reconstructions and geodynamic models of Paleotethys, neo-Paleotethys and Mesotethys are compiled on critical geodynamic stages.

Scientific-applied results of research enable to define general patterns for ore and hydrocarbon fields in zones of deep faults of the Mediterranean belt central segment. Endogenic oregenesis in focus ore-magmatic systems of inner magmatic field of segment is confined to dome-ring volcanic-tectonic structures with different morphogenetic types. Hydrocarbon fields are concentrated in oil and gas bearing systems of sedimentary basins located in flanks of simultaneous amagmatic field of segment with different geodynamic types of bottom structure.