Dr. Theses

Formation of pressure – water systems in the rapidly subsiding basins in connection with their oil-gas content (on the example of Pliocene sedimentary complex of the South Caspian depression)

Mehdiyev Ulvi Sh.

It is shown that conditions of lithogenesis formed in the rapidly subsiding basins cause development of the specific pressure – water systems, formation of oil-gas accumulations and their distribution in time and space.

The main aim was to study a complex of hydrogeological features of the rapidly subsiding South-Caspian depression to determine main directions of exploration works and solve some production tasks.

Conducted studies have examined hydrogeochemical, thermobaric conditions in the South Caspian depression, catagenesis of scattered organic matter conditions in the Pliocene water – pressure system, developed scheme of HC accumulations formation, improved methods of separate oil-gas prediction, hydrochemical method of controlling and regulating of production.

It was determined that the ion-saline and microcomponent compositions of underground water are formed by many processes, including the vertical movement of underground water along regional faults, zones of increased fracturing, mud volcano eruptives, etc., which contribute to mixing them in the sedimentary cover in various ratios.

Complex study of geological – hydrogeological indicators allowed to identify perspective areas and structure for future exploration works.

Key findings and recommendations of the thesis have been submitted to the production Association “Azneft”, drilling Department and other production units.