D. Education (Fellowships)

D 6. 3D Contour imaging of South-East Caucasus deep faults and their geodynamical aspects by gravimetric data, space images and GPS mesures

Program Collaborative Call for Young Scientists Fellowships
Azerbaijan - INTAS 2005
Year awarded 2005
  • Ph.D. Ilgar Huseynov
    Geology Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
    29A H.Javid Av., Baku AZ1143, Azerbaijan
    Under the supervision of Prof. Fahreddin Kadirov, head of gravimetrical prospecting laboratory, Geology Institute of AzNAS, 29A H.Javid Av., Baku AZ1143, Azerbaijan  
INTAS host institution

Supervisor: Dr. Marie-Francoise BRUNER-BENOIT, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Department of Sciences of the Earth, Laboratory of Tectonics
Place Jussieu, case 129 4, 75252 PARIS, cedex 05, France