In-situ gold leaching using mobile technological complex

 I. Scientific background of the project

Consider the offer profitable investment in an innovative project that implements the new technology solution mining of gold, silver and other precious metals. Developed at the Institute of Geology of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan mobile processing complex allows with environmentally friendly solvents extraction metals from ores in -situ . Mobile System based on a trailer , working in automatic mode ensures the profitability of production , even in the case of small , poor and deep-seated ore objects. Technology has been tested on a number of gold deposits of Greater and Lesser Caucasus.

Geotechnical group of the Institute of Geology offers the following commercial options for cooperation:

-  On one of the ore objects production of precious metals on the share terms, using the available technological equipment;
-  Kitting of new mobile complex and transfer together with technological experience and KNOW-HOW. Adjustment and implementation of mining ore on property investor.

-  Study of ore objects for technical solutions applied to the technology of in situ leaching and conducting tests.