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Natural Gases of Azerbaijan (new, completed)

Scale 1:500 000; 1:1000 000


Azerbaijan is historically called "Land of fires" owing to the fact that there are world-famous gas seepage on land and in the Caspian Sea aquatorium. Systematic research and production works over 50 years allowed to gather a big factual material on chemical composition of natural gases of Azerbaijan including isotopic composition, on intensity of gas seepage on surface, gas-saturation of different stratigraphic intervals. This data with other geological and geophysical materials were used in compiling the map "Natural gases of Azerbaijan" by scale 1:500 000.

Theoretical base for map compiling is:

  • classification of natural gases (according to conditions of location, forms of manifestation, chemical composition, etc).
  • patterns of change of gas fields parameters depending upon different geological conditions. Diversity of numerous natural gas seepages in Azerbaijan is caused by combination of deep depressions and surrounding mountain system. 711 gas objects are indicated on map by various legend. These objects include industrial gas pools, gas condensate, oil pools with gas caps and zones, oil pools with gas dissolved in oil, natural gas seepages on dry outcrops, mud volcanoes, mudvolcanic gasohydrates at the Caspian Sea bottom and mineral springs.

Analysis of chemical and isotopic composition of more the 5000 gas samples gathered on natural outcrops and wells will allow to submit a general background of gas fields distribution on field on map: methane, nitrogen and carbonic acid gas. Marked fields and geochemical characteristic of gases are the indicator of geological interior construction.

Azerbaijan is a unique on intensity of natural gas seepages in the world. n x 1014 m3 of methane was ejected by gas seepages on mud volcanoes indicated on map.

As a result of gas survey there are 63 gas anomalies on methane and carbonic acid gas confined to industrial and perspective oil and gas bearing and ore fields on map.

Factual material of map allowed to distinguish highly perspective zones of gas accumulation in productive series, zones of main gas accumulation in Miocene-Cretaceous deposits and perspectives zones for search of carbonic acid gas field. In 2002 Shakh-Deniz field was discovered with n x 1012 m3 gas reserve.

Favourable geological conditions of adjacent structures allow to predict the possibility of gas production increase in Azerbaijan up to 50-100 bil.m3/ y. There is geological, geophysical and geographical data on the map: structures of the first order, deep faults, depth of crystalline basement, localities and also cuts of genetic triangle, chemical composition of gas, diagrams of its production and perspectives up to 2050 and table of chemical and isotopic composition.



  • I.S. Guliyev
  • R.A. Huseinov
  • F.G. Dadashev
  • A.M. Dadashev
  • A.Y. Kabulova
  • A.A. Feizullayev


  • F.G. Dadashev

Baku 2003

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