Atlases and maps

Azerbaijan Tectonic Map (completed, 2000)

Scale 1:500,000


A great amount of geologic-geophysical data had been gained for the last 20 years on the tectonics and deep structure of Azerbaijan territory and the adjacent water area of the Caspian Sea. In year 2000 on the base of these data a team of experts of Geology Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences began to compile a Tectonic Map of Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea. Map will show the morphology of tectonic structures, geodynamic complexes, paleotectonic elements, basin formational and structural complexes, regional and transregional deep faults, structural plans of surface of Pre-Alpine basement and Conrad and Mocho discontinuities, geological age and rocks composition of the volcanogenic series, big mud volcanoes, strong earthquakes origins, etc.

An advanced map legend is prepared on the base of the developed methods of geosciences.