Atlases and maps

Azerbaijan Geologic Map (completed)

Scale 1:500,000


A new geologic map of Azerbaijan (Scale 1:500,000) includes new data of the detailed geologic survey in scale 1:50,000 and the outcomes of scientific studies gained for the last 25 years after the issuing of the analogical map in 1975. Map shows the geological states - all complexes of the rocks of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic ages are divided within the stratigraphic stage; earlier unknown disjunctive dislocations, precised the geological and tectonical contacts of the deposits with different age; the Quaternary deposits (stages, horizons) are divided more accurately. The geology of the western zone of the South- and Middle Caspian depression (within Azerbaijan).

Unlike the map issued in 1975 a new one is illustrated with some regional profiles of NE-SW trend (three profiles) and a sublatitudinal trend (one profile) showing deep structure of the whole Alpine complex of the basic elements on Azerbaijan territory - the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, Kura depression, Gusar-Divichi marginal trough. Besides them the map is added with composed geological section for the whole Phanerozoic.