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Atlas of the Lithology-Paleogeographical, Structural, Palinspastic and Geoenvironmental Maps of Central Eurasia (new, completed 2002)


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Present publication is a part of the GIS based "Atlas of the Lithology-Paleogeographical, Structural, Palinspastic and Geoenvironmental Maps of Central Eurasia" that was constructed by geological institutions of 8 countries as follows: Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan during 1997-2001.

The Atlas bases on the great amount of hihgly analyzed and correlated primary geology-geophysical data (reports and publications) including drilling and seismic data. It employs moderngeodynamic concept. Oil, gas and mineral fields are shown on the lithology-paleogeographical maps and on the charts. Complete Atlas consists of 43 lithology-paleogeographical (non-palinspastic), 2 structural and 2 geoenvironmental maps of 1:2,500,000 scale; 23 palinspastic maps of 1:10,000,000 scale; 1 tectonic map and 600 historic-geological charts. All maps will be available for review and printing in Arc / View format, while charts and supplementary materials are prepared in CorelDraw format. CD publication will be followed.

Suggested hard copy of the Atlas includes 18 lithology-paleogeographic, 17 palinspastic, 1 structure, 1 geoenvironmental,1 tectonic maps and 280 historic-geological charts presented in a smaller scale. Short explanatory note comments on the Earth crust evolution stages within the region of Cetral Eurasia.

The Atlas has no analogs in the world practice in terms of detail presentation and regional size (7,5 mil. km2). The Atlas provides modern scientific base for further detail study in a sphere of geology, geodynamic, minerals and current status of the region environment.

Geologists, experts and managers will find this Atlas useful for geological and geophysical data interpretation, oil, gas, coal, uranium, gold, rare and complex metal resources forecast and evaluation, license option determination and environment impact cost assessment. University teachers and students may use it for regional geology and tectonic study.


  • Explanatory notes to the Atlas of Lithology-Paleogeographical, Structural, Palinspastic and Geoenvironmental Maps of Central Eurasia

    Lithology-Paleogeographical Maps (nonpalinspastic)

  • Legend for Lithology-Paleogeographical Maps
  • List of Abbrevations to Lithology-Paleogeographical Maps

Sheet 1   Late Riphean - Vendian
Sheet 2   Early Cambrian
Sheet 3   Ordovician (Arenig-Llanvirn)
Sheet 4   Late Ordovician (Early Caradoc)
Sheet 5   Late Ordovician (Late Caradoc - Ashgill)
Sheet 6   Late Silurian
Sheet 7   Early Middle (Eifelian) Devonian
Sheet 8   Late Devonian (Famenian)
Sheet 9   Early Carboniferous (Late Visean - Serpukhovian)
Sheet 10   Middle Carboniferous
Sheet 11   Early Permian
Sheet 12   Middle Triassic
Sheet 13   Middle Jurassic (Aalenian - Bathonian)
Sheet 14   Late Jurassic (Oxfordian)
Sheet 15   Early Cretaceous (Aptian - Albian)
Sheet 16   Late Cretaceous (Santonian - Campanian)
Sheet 17   Eocene (Bartonian - Priabonian)
Sheet 18   Middle - Late Miocene (Tarkhanian - Sarmatian)

Palinspastic Maps

Sheet 19   510 Ma Middle Cambrian;  450 Ma Late Ordovician
Sheet 20   380 Ma Beginning of Givetian age of Middle Devonian;  360 Ma Famennian age of Late Devonian
Sheet 21   330 Ma End of Visean age of Early Carboniferous;  305 Ma Beginning of Late caroniferous
Sheet 22   280 Ma Early Permian;  255 Late Permian
Sheet 23   240 Ma Middle Triassic;  210 Ma Late Triassic
Sheet 24   190 Ma Plinsbachian age of Early Jurassic;  160 Ma Callovian age of Middle Jurassic
Sheet 25   140 Ma Titonian age of Late Jurassic;  110 Ma Albian age of Early Cretaceous
Sheet 26   88 Ma Coniacian age of Late Cretaceous;  50 Ma Ypresian age of Early Eocene
Sheet 27   30 Ma Early Oligocene

  • Legend of Palinspastic Maps

    Historic - Geological Sections

  • Legend of Historic - Geological Sections

Sheet 28   Riphean - Vendian;  Cambrian
Sheet 29   Ordovician;  Silurian
Sheet 30   Devonian;  Carboniferous
Sheet 31   Permian;  Triassic
Sheet 32   Jurassic;  Cretaceous
Sheet 33   Paleogene;  Neogene
Sheet 34   Map of the historic - geological sections location
Sheet 35   Structural Map of Basement Roof
Sheet 36   Map of Main Tectonic Structures

  • List of Abbrevations to the Map of Main Tectonic Structures

Sheet 37   Map of Geoenvironmental Rating and Hazardous Anthropogenic Changes

  • Legend to the Map of Geoenvironmental Rating and Hazardous Anthropogenic Cnahges