This is a new textbook. There are interesting valuable materials on ore and non-ore mineral raw resources which are widely spread on territory of Azerbaijan, their use in industry medicine, agriculture, in different fields of everyday life and also their positive and negative influence on environment and role in the field of ecology in the book. The book also informs readers of ecological value of mineral raw of Azerbaijan, and it presents a great interest for audience.

Together with effective use of mineral raw resources and their positive role in ecology there is a negative influence on environment as well. Some of them should be mentioned.

For example, iron is used in many fields of mans life. Azerbaijan is one of the largest countries with iron reserves. However during exploitation of iron fields, some part of iron with economic resources are discharged as wastes. And then these "wastes" undergo erosion and transfer into ferrum solutions under influence of rain, snow and other surface waters. These solutions flow away and cover a large territory negatively influencing on alive organisms and environment. Moreover, Azerbaijan is a country which is rich in aluminum. Aluminum as an economical mineral is used in different branches of economy, but Gyanja plant "Azrengmet" exhales dust of red-pink color. This dust consists of aluminum oxide which pollutes air and causes epiphora, some difficulties in breathing.

Mercury belongs to raw resources too. It is known that under bacteria influence a metallic mercury transforms into organic mercury. And organic mercury on the base of chain biological feeding has a feature of light concentration. As a result of this process mercury can be found in many marine animals including fish and with food badly influences on people.

Besides mercury evaporates and pollutes atmosphere and again negative influence on environment, people.

Different surface water processes impact on radioactive elements and as a result radioactive elements fields are affected and these elements filter through soil. So, pollution of soil, water and plants occurs and people, animals and other alive organisms suffer from it greatly. For example, if cattle has some diseases then meat-dairy products cause many problems for human health.

Some geological processes which occur on the Earth impact on environment in different ways. When volcanoes erupt some geological patterns which occur in the Earth interior and their physical-chemical features are studied, here another fact should be mentioned ejected volcanic ash badly affected on the Earth. Volcanic ash ad gases emanated as a result of eruption do a lot of harm for plants and even forests. Especially gas components affect the environment, pollute water, atmosphere, worsen peoples life and cause different diseases.

There are also many technogenic and anthropogenic factors disturbing standard life.

Taking into consideration all above-mentioned facts this textbook provides information dealing with todays problems, i.e. using of mineral raw resources in Azerbaijan and their positive and negative impacts on environment.