(M.T.Abasov, Z.Y.Abbasov, V.M.Fataliyev, N.N.Hamidov, G.H.Mammadova )

Bакi, 2013, «Nafta-press» , 226 p.

The book presents new material on experimental and analytical study of the features of the phase
behavior of hydrocarbon systems in the development of gas condensate reservoirs. For the first time given a new explanation of the mechanism of retrograde processes and cycles, the impact area micro embryos of condensate in the porous medium on the performance of the phase condensation and technological parameters of the process of developing the gas-condensate deposits, to new methods for determining the coefficient of condensate reservoir pressure and the dew point, shows the effect of the porous medium on the degree volatility of hydrocarbon condensates under the influence of gases of different compositions, as well as data on the impact of solubility of gases of different composition on the pressure dew point of the gas condensate mixture and, as a consequence, retrograde condensate losses.

The book is intended for scientists, engineers and technicians involved in the problems of development and exploitation of oil and gas.

The book contains 226 pages, 77 figures, 52 tables.