(T.N. Kangarli, Sh.A. Babayev)

Baku, 2012, "Qoliaf qroup" CSC, 78 p.

(in english)

Global efforts on preservation of geologic nature sanctuaries that were launched in 1991 in the French city of Din within the framework of the First International Symposium held under the motto Memory of the Earth is in our hands become more and more global, involving many regions and countries. In Europe, this movement is coordinated by the European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage (ProGEO) founded in 1993 in the city of Cologne (Germany). The Geology Institute of ANAS is one of its member societies. The institute makes expedient efforts in analysis and conservation of unusual geologic objects at the territory of Azerbaijan. In particular, under its initiative in 2007 there was established the State Natural Reserve of Mud Volcanoes that covered a group of 50 volcanoes of the Absheron Peninsula, Eastern Gobustan and the Baku archipelago. Our efforts were also supported by the President of Azerbaijan I.A.Aliyev and the government of the country concerned the situation in the sphere of geosites protection. In this regard there was accepted the National Plan of Activities on Security and Stable Use of the Unusual Geologic Objects in the Azerbaijan Republic for 2009-2012. The Plan includes measures on inventory and description of geosites, analysis of demise risks, development of geopreservation actions, planning of tourist utilization of geosites, and a number of other questions to be resolved.

For implementation of the said National Plan there were taken major efforts for inventory survey of geosites in the various regions of the country, there were identified more than 300 unusual geologic objects of the following types: paleontologic-stratigraphical, tectonic, geomorphologic, mineralogic-petrographic, hydrological, hydro-geological and historic/geographic/geological. Practically, geosites of various nature are typical for the whole territory of the country. Many unusual geologic objects are at the territories occupied by the Armenian invaders, and we have no information on their condition.