(Ak.A. Ali-zade, M.I. Chiragov, S.F. Veli-zade, M.A.Veliyev)


Illustrative encyclopedia “Minerals of Azerbaijan” is like the manual allowing in a simple form to intensify the employment of information about the minerals in our country. With that end in view the minerals of many museums and private collections have been systematized accordingly with the modern mineral classification.

The authors have been confronted with a real task – to show the natural beauty and variety of minerals in Azerbaijan and describe them in a brief form. That is why in descriptions of each mineral species the following properties are presented: crystallochemical formula, system, varieties, color, streak color, luster, transparency degree, density, hardness, cleavage, morphological peculiarities of crystals and aggregates, origin, occurrence, associated minerals, deposits and fields of application. Also, some other typical properties have been observed for a number of minerals. In the minerals descriptions there are places of their occurrence in Azerbaijan, the scale and industrial importance of which are discomparable with the world known deposits. But many of them are the most important mineral and raw materials resources of Azerbaijan which entered the path of independent development. Regarded in that light the further expansion of natural recourses and increasing of their utilization complexity acquires the nation wide significance.

The compiler hope that the given encyclopedia, in spite of its shortcomings, will be conductive to popularization of mineralogical knowledge in our country increasing interest to the study its natural resources.