Republican scientific seminar on a theme “Experience in the development and implementation of ecology biotechnology for enhanced oil recovery in Azerbaijan”

On November 16, 2011 at assembly hall of the Geology Institute of ANAS republican scientific seminar on Earth sciences on a theme “Experience in the development and implementation of ecology biotechnology for enhanced oil recovery in Azerbaijan” took place.

Speakers: Member National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, prof. Mamedyarov M.A., Oil- chemical processes Institute,  ANAS, prof.Ismaylov N.M., Azerbaijan, Microbiology Institute,  ANAS

The oil fields of Azerbaijan are one of the oldest oil fields of the world, which are developed in the late 19 th century. Many fields are exhausted and many years they are developed by methods of artificial flooding. Since 1982, Azerbaijan started research work in the development of scientific bases of microbial enhanced oil recovery techniques. Developments were carried out taking into account the physical-chemical and geological characteristics of oil reservoirs. The basis of development were four basic principles: accessibility, cost, technology and ecology. The first stage identified the main regularities of development of microbiologic processes in old oil fields. Then there were scientific bases of microbiological effects on petroleum reservoirs, developed methods of influence. The developed methods were based on inclusion in the bottomhole zone of wells of different organic substrates in certain  proportions. As such organic substrates using whey, excess activated sludge  and other. The developed methods were protected by 11 patents. Microbiological methods of enhanced oil recovery have been broad-scale tested and from 1986 introduced the oil industry in the seven fields. Over recent period (2010) due to the introduction of biotechnology additionally recovered more than 170 thousand tons of oil. Economic efficiency - over 17 million dollars. An essential feature of biotechnologies is the ability to solve both complex regional environmental problems. The use of biotechnology  allowed for the past few years to prevent the discharge into the environment tens of thousands of tons of organic compounds - whey and excess activated sludge, considered to be industrial waste, and reduce, therefore, the cost of processing and / or negative effects of  these compounds on the environment.