International relations which are the basic activities direction of the Geology Institute of ANAS secure broadening and developing the scientific connection with the foreign scientific centers, organizations and companies.

The USA, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, France, Japan, Austria, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Switzerland, Argentina, Russia, Iran take the important place at the international relations of the Geology Institute.

The Institute develops cooperation with the around 30 foreign and international organizations-BP, EXXON, Mobile, Shell, Chevron, YUNESKO, NATO, The National Science Fond of Swiss, Civil Investigation and development Fond of the USA and so on.

Scientific collective of the Institute continues the investigations on studying Caucasus conflict zone in modern geodynamic conditions together with Massachusetts Technology Institute of the USA. 30 temporary and 3 constant GPS station-with “Baku”, “Shaki”, “Neftchala” supplied Azerbaijan territory.

According to the results of GPS monitoring on the territory of Azerbaijan it has been estimated the rate of deformation of the fault crust. A comparison of directions of the compression axes was carried out on the GPS data and earthquake sources in 2010. It is shown that the Greater Caucasus is experiencing an intense contraction in the north-north-east direction, which conforms well to the results of the neotectonic analysis of structures - sublatitudinal uplifts and depressions, reverse fault-thrust nature of faulting.

According to the treaty with BP Company the scientific researches are continuing on the geodynamic monitoring along Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipe belt and adjoining Azerbaijan area. In the Azerbaijan part (Sangachal-Poylu area) of the oil-pipeline geodynamics polygon has been established, which consists of 10 props geodesic point. Monitoring of deformation was conducted with GPS technology and high-precision leveling, gravimetric and radiometric calculations. Accumulation of deformation energy storage has been found out.

Besides, it’s carried out applied scientific research with BP on a new theme: "Geodynamic monitoring of territory along the BTC." As part of this work, seismic system GURALP was acquired. As a result of microtremulous measurements by using this system it was determined the distribution of resonance frequencies, the gain constant of soil and the increment of points for a powerful earthquake.

Geology Institute conducts joint research works with the Ministry of Geological Sciences and Natural Resources of Germany. These works are related to the monitoring of gas emissions to atmosphere (methane, etc), mud volcanoes – Dashgil, Pirekeshkul and was maintained within Azerbaijan-Germany international scientific and technological cooperation.

Generalization and reconstruction of structures were conducted on the basis of two and three-dimensional electro-seismic materials of Miocene-Pleistocene complex between the rivers Kura and Ganikh on project “Towards a better understanding of hydrocarbon potential at the crossroads of Europe, The Middle East and Asia (South East Caucasus). Another area that attacks the attention of international organizations is Geodynamics and Seismology.

The II stage of international project was completed conducted together with the Geological Survey of Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Transcaucasian republics, as well as China. This is GIS – Atlas of maps of the geological content of territory of Russia and the other CIS countries, as well as neighboring states of scale 1:2500000; GIS – Atlas of maps of the geological content of the Caucasus (Azerbaijan) of scale 1:1000000; Monograph and geological structure and mineral resources of the Caucasus, the Crimea and Carpathians.

Geology Institute continues to actively participate in the realization of European program of the Swiss National Science Foundation “Science fellowship for environmental assessment and rehabilitation of water systems”.

The intention protocol was signed on the cooperation with the International State operating company AIMC, implementing its activity in Azerbaijan for the purpose of possible use of development model of nature conservation technology. The agreement with Turkish company “MTA” was achieved for the joint work on the application of nature conservation technologies on the one of the gold deposits in Turkey.

Enumerating the successes of the Geology Institute in international relations, the results of researches conducted with foreign geologists, we can say that geological science has also played a role on integration of Azerbaijan into international community.