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(N.P. Yusubov1, I.S. Guliyev2)

1 - Geophysics and Geology Board

2 - Institute of Geology

Components and surface morphology of mud volcano system were studied in details via morphometric method, acoustic, radar survey and particularly via seismic survey. Mud volcanoes are morphologically presented by bulblike diapirs, steep diatremes and vertical narrow channels. Many works show that system of mud volcanoes in South-Caspian basin have similar properties with submerged (deep) structures of magma volcano system components based on accurate geologica geophysical data. Current work includes the results of study of morphologenetic characters of mud volcano system, using geoseismic modeling and 3D data of seismic investigation. It was defined that:
-Initial stage of mud volcano system formation and development of mechanically non-equilibrium sedimentary strata, characteristic for the basins of very intensive depression where interstitial water driving away is late comparing with the sedimentation rate 
-Interim and final stages of mud volcano system are formed under the influence of bound water liberation and sedimentation basin tangential compression, causing formation of folding 
-3D data of seismic exploration and seismological modeling making it possible to restore development history of mud volcano system

Azerbaijan oil industry, #1, 2011

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