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(H.H. Guliyev)

Geology Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, H.Javid av., 29A, Baku Az1143, Azerbaijan

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Summarizing the above mentioned one comes to the following main conclusions.

The matter is considerably structured (Kuliev, 2002б). It is conditionally divided into physical, biological and informative forms. Actually, these forms do not exist separately. Such a division is the result of theoretical-model notion. In any aggregate state of matter these forms exist jointly in a varying degree. Therefore, the individual forms of matter take part in cycles in various degrees (Kuliev, 2002а). The material and energetic components of the physical form of matter take part in all possible cycles. These cycles are realized by means of properties, regularities and similar of the matter physical form. Therefore, in these cycles the informative form of matter takes the natural-"passive" part (Kuliev, 2002а; Kuliev, 2002б; Kuliev, 2003). The basic mechanism of control of all types of motion, realizing these cycles with physical form of matter, are the principles of the least action type (Kuliev, 2003).

The principle of the least action realizes the definite motions (among the infinitely possible) as a result of low-energetic gravitational impact (within the Newton mechanics). In high-energetic gravitational, electric magnetic, weak and strong nuclear impacts the motions are realized according to relevant principles of the general theory of relativity theory, electrodynamics and quantum mechanics. In the processes of motions realization in cycles these principles play role as they were peculiar "prohibition", that is the significant restriction to achieve the higher effectiveness of the cycles. Thus the matter "looks for" the ways to overcome the restrictions, following from the "prohibited" principles of the least action type. If the relevant conditions exist, these targets area reached by appearance of the biological form of matter as the necessary stage of the cycle (Kuliev, 2003). So, the animate nature manifests in the space as the necessary stage of cycle in those places where the appropriate conditions exist. In our case these conditions exists in the Earth. Since the matter everywhere and every time tends to "find" the ways of liberation from "prohibited" principles of the least action type, then the probability of life existence in other parts of the space is high enough. Moreover, at various stages of different-scale cycles the appearance and death of animate nature is the necessity. Enriched with new mechanisms of replication, reproduction, and other properties of the biological form of matter, the effectiveness of cycle processes increases significantly (Kuliev, 2003). New forms of reaction to influence appear – instinct, reflects, etc. These new (in comparison with physical form of matter but not the by the time) properties, regularities, etc. already take part in control of various motions, along with principles of the least action type. Just these types of new qualities like "revive" the physical form of the matter. The matter acquires significantly new quality – the ability of sensation. In the primeval and primitive species of the biological form of matter (bacteria, cells, plants, animals) these sensations have the nature of instinct and reflex. These types of biological forms of matter are characterized by feeling of hungry, satiety, some degree of fear, etc. They satisfy their requirements instinctively, using the natural conditions. There is still absence of feedback between the natural sensations; the reasons caused them as well as the living organisms subjected to sensation. The plants and animals make definite efforts to satisfy their needs. At the same time, along with participation in larger-scale cycles, they "create" themselves (unwittingly, of course) new cycles or stages, increasing the effectiveness of the general process of the matter cycle. For example, they have food, digest it, and etc. The scales of these cycles are different.

In spite of fact that the appearance of properties like instinct, reflex, replication, reproduction, etc. had allowed the biological species to enrich the mechanisms of the matter cycle and to increase its effectiveness by their vital activity, they are not sufficient for more effective involvement of the matter informative form (already formed properties, regularities, primitive initial sensations) into the perpetual cycle.

This shortcoming relates with that up to a certain time just the natural informative forms of matter take part in these cycles, and this participation is limited by properties, regularities of physical form of the matter and the instinctive, reflex and other abilities of individual biological species regardless of their desire. The further "search" of the matter for ways to free itself from these restrictions had led finally to intellect appearance, i.e. the living being. Along with other physical and biological abilities these living beings also had the ability to sense, process (understand), keep the results, and to create new (now artificial) sensations by logical thinking (imagination). Informative form of the matter completely takes part in the PCM at the present stage; but the intellect of living being takes part in the process of motion control. In (Galimov, 2001) it is noticed that the ability to communicate had selected and saved from death the human being among the living beings. The concept of perpetual cycle of the matter (PCM) allows supplementing this idea as follows. Sentient beings appear as the necessary stage of the PCM and the possession of ability to operate its artificial (secondary) senses protects them from dying out. This ability realizes the feedback between the reasons of senses, senses and the subjected sense. The appearance of the present feedback increases significantly the effectiveness of the PCM and at the stages of predominance of is informative form the cycle partially acquires the sensible purposeful character in connection with participation of new parameters in these processes – such as memory, world outlook and other social properties.

Along with realization in PCM the possibilities of the above-mentioned fractal structures and properties of the informative forms of the matter of the physical nature, properties of replication, reproduction and natural selection of the biological forms of the matter, the selection by intellect and taste (desire) are realized in addition. Moreover, the process of needs satisfaction in artificial way takes place.

The appearance of intellect factor in the PCM qualitatively changes the situations. The various properties, regularities, attribute of the matter, etc. are revealed, realized and utilized purposefully. The anthropogenic properties are defined by understanding by intellect in the matter forms like time and space. For example, the possibility to determine the beginning, duration and end of processes, events, etc. appears. The property of unidirectionality of time from the part to future is strictly determined. It is determined that the motions into the "past" are not possible; any motions lead just to "future".

The paper is published in Proceedings of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the Sciences of Earth, #3, 2011

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