Scientific & organizational


Head of library Veliyeva Rena Yusifovna

Phone: (994 12) 510 11 72
Е-mаil: giа[email protected]

The library of the Institute has been functioning since 1945.

The library fund consists of science and research literature: books (23 46 0c), journals (57 98 3c) and foreign literature (books, journals, periodicals 4500 c.). Moreover, there are authors summaries (24500 c), atlases.

Library members provide services to Institute collaborators and also to personnel from other Institutes of ANAS.

Library members assisst students, Ph.D. students in their work, assisst those who do their thesis works and research. Library has close ties with Central Library of ANAS.

Library organizes exhibitions of new pub¬lished books, journals and also jubilee exhibitions. Moreover, there is a international exchange of books, journals (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. China, Canada, France, Israel, Poland, Germany, Turkey, etc.).

The “Irbis” programmes work is in progress.