Scientific & organizational

Department of Public Relations

Head of department: Nazarli Shirmammad Dadash oglu.
Staff is 7, including 1 PhD

Phone: (99 412) 539 39 62
E-mail:[email protected]

The directions of activities:
  • Providing the scientific community of the country with regular, latest information on conducted research;
  • Management arrangements of public relations and popularization of science;
  • Reporting of data about the Institutes activities in the media: preparation for press releases, information on the completed works, providing information on scheduled events, meetings arrangement with Institutes scientists;
  • Providing of visual information for the community: extension of relations with the countrys TV, provision of photographic materials;
  • Involvement of media personnel to the events illumination organized in the Institute, active participation in the press materials preparation: meetings and interviews with the Institutes scientists;
  • Materials monitoring, related to the Institute, in the countrys media and notice the Institutes management; preparation of responds to mutilate and prejudice opinions and taking measures to eliminate them;
  • Active participation in the anniversary events organization of the Institute