Scientific & organizational

Education department

Head of department: PhD (Earth Sciences) Alekperova Seadet Ali gizi.
Staff is 4, including 1 PhD

Phone: (994 12) 510 01 41 (143)
E-mail: [email protected]

The Education Department was created aiming to fulfill scientific activities, to educate PhD students and defenders of thesis for ScD and PhD, as well as masters students, to establish connections with higher education institutions.

Main activity directions:
  • Submission of PhD students and defenders of thesis documents; preparation of tests for the entrance and doctoral exams in the specialties; creation of tests bank and program support; creation of commissions for the entrance and doctoral exams;
  • Preparation of necessary documents for attestation of PhD students and defenders of thesis and procedure for the attestation;
  • Activities interfacing of PhD students and defenders of thesis with Science and Education office of Presidium of ANAS, preparation and submission of applicable documents;
  • Training organization of masters degree programme, supporting the participation of masters students in class on intended subjects according to the educational plan; organization of preparation and the defense of masters theses;
  • Responsibility of the department for Institute communication organization with higher education institutions; organization of the programs implementation provided for interns and student assistants to the Institute from other different universities.