Scientific & organizational

Department of innovative projects coordination

Head of department Dr. Ibragimov Vaqif Bagir oglu

Phone/Fax: (994 12) 539 38 20
E-mail: [email protected]

“Coordination of innovative projects” department was organized in 2001. It was due to necessity of basic sciences adapting to realities of market economy through commercialization of research results obtained over last years in Institute and further development of applied research and developments which are perspective on outlet of innovative cycle of competitive scientific production (atlases, maps, database, etc).

The main directions:
  • Analysis of Institute activity taking into account perspective and patentable ideas which can be base for innovative projects (i.e. possessing innovative potential).
  • Development of innovative strategy of Institute.
  • Information - methodical support and coordination of innovative projects.
  • Information - methodical support and coordination of scientific projects on grant base.
  • Legal protection of intellectual property and authors rights of Institute scientists during fulfillment innovative/grant projects and commercialization their results.

Four innovative projects have been realized in Geology and Geophisics Institute:

  • Atlas of lithologo - paleographic maps of Azerbaijan (scale 1:1000000) including 44 lithological - paleographic maps and covering all period of geological development of Azerbaijan since end of Early Devonian of Paleozoic era up to now.
  • Atlas of reservoir properties of Mesozoic and Cenozoic (Paleogene - Miocene) sedimentary rocks of Azerbaijan containing a digital summary of reservoir properties of rocks for sedimentary section of Azerbaijan Earth Crust.
  • Hydrogeological - hydrochemical atlas of stratal waters from lower Pliocene South Caspian basin (Productive Series).
  • Hydrochemical atlas of stratal waters from lower Pliocene South Caspian basin (Miocene, Oligocene, Eocene, Cretaceous).

For period 2000-2018 by information-methodical support of department the scientists prepared and submitted more than 200 projects for competition of foreign funds. More than 100 projects having grant support from national and foreign funds deal with priority directions of Institute activity-widening of international scientific cooperation (joint research with overseas partners), purchasing of modern equipment, organization of international seminars/conferences; preparation of young specialists (education in advanced Universities and Research Centres abroad), improvement their skills (short-term trainings-courses abroad - in Turkey, Switzerland, Finland and other countries).

Departments field of interests: science study (foreign experience, tendency of science development in Azerbaijan, legal support, etc), authors right (legal protection of intellectual property and authors rights of scientists during fulfillment innovative/grant project), use of up-to-date information tech-nologies in Earth Sciences (RS and CIS).