Department of tectonophysics and geomechanics

Head of department academician Guliyev Hatam Hidayat oglu

Main directions of researches: 
  • nonclassical models of the lithosphere development;
  • deformation processes in geodynamics;
  • geodynamic of earthquakes;
  • nonclassical linearized theoretical base model of seismology;
  • modern computer software package for processing and interpretation;
  • problems of rock mechanics.

In the department:
  • Mathematical model of formation and development of folding through various forms of stability loss of equilibrium states was developed.
  • General physical principles of geodynamic development of the Earth and its structures were offered.
  • Necessity of formation of vertical (radically located on meridional and equatorial planes) and lateral (horizontal) faults at various depth of the Earth interior was theoretically justified.
  • Methods were developed to determine critical parameters corresponding to the loss of stability of equilibrium states in vicinities of mines, wells and underground storages of gas taking into account elastic and elastic-plastic small and large deformations of isotropic and anisotropic media on the basis of 3D theory of stability.
  • İt was established that the sequence of processes of structural, surface and "internal" types of destruction could be realized in the interior of the Earth at certain terms.
  • Original mechanism of vertical movements and rock formation was offered.
  • Method was developed to determine parameters of the internal structure of the Earth taking into account nonlinearity of deformation, tension and geometric structure of the medium.
  • Dependence of the geological medium on deformation was solved in nonlinear statement, instability of this dependence was determined and a new scheme of density distribution on the whole depth of the Earth was given.
  • Theoretical bases of nonclassical linearized theoretical base model of seismology were developed.
  • Method was offered to determine petrophysical and elastic parameters of the geological medium free from the influence of current geodynamic processes.

The following computer programms were created:
  • velocity analysis of seismic data considering nonhyperbolicity of hodograph of the reflected waves;
  • seismic anisotropy;
  • AVO analysis considering seismic anisotropy and three-membered approximation of reflection coefficient ;
  • cross-plotting of AVO analysis results;
  • processing and interpretation of complex of geophysical data taking into account the influence of current geodynamic processes.