Department of geothermics

Head of department Dr. Mukhtarov Abdulvahab Sharif oglu

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Geothermic researches started in Azerbaijan at the end of XIX century. The development of this direction is connected with the names of academician Sh.F. Mehdiyev, who has established geothermy in Azerbaijan and Sc.D. (Geology-mineralogy) S.A. Aliyev who has founded the laboratory of “Geothermy” and supervised it for a long time.

Main directions of the researches:
  • the research of time-space distribution of geothermic parameters on land and sea areas;
  • modeling of the heat field of the earth, heat development models of the sedimentary basins;
  • the research of the heat fields of mud volcanoes;
  • the development of geothermic measuring devices.

The conducted researches allowed to compile geothermic maps and Geothermic atlas of Azerbaijan, including:
  • The geothermic map of Azerbaijan Soviet Union;
  • The hydrogeothermic map of Azerbaijan Soviet Union;
  • The heat flow map of depression zones of Azerbaijan Soviet Union;
  • The map of temperature distribution on the base of productive series;
  • The map of temperature distribution on the ceiling of productive series.
  • The map of temperature distribution on the base of Maikop series;
  • The map of temperature distribution 6000 meters horizontal section.
  • Over 10000 temperature and heat conduction coefficients on 105 structures covering more than 2000 wells and 13 oil-gas bearing regions, on 26 structures, 200 temperature measurement information measured in 29 mud volcanoes have been formed.
  • Temperature variations predicting or accompanying seismic events in the wells have been detected.
  • Geothermic properties of the earth along the Saatly deep well hole have been investigated, the geothermic model of Saatly area of the Kura depression has been built and stationary, radiogenic and mantle components of the heat field have been estimated.
  • Digital model of thermal evolution of the basin that enables to estimate the depth of generation zones of oil and gas in the South Caspian Basin has been developed, schematic maps of the distribution of temperature in different depth sections has been compiled and on this basis, the structure of the heat field of South Caspian Basin has been identifield.
  • The result of the researches conducted on the inversion of well temperature in Azerbaijan indicates that after the first half of XIX century temperatures of climate increased about 1-20 C in this region.

The staff of laboratory prepared a series of geothermic measuring devices:
  • well thermometer in order to explore restoration regime of the heat balance in the well (measuring accuracy - 0,0050 C, it works in the automatic regime, results are saved in the memory and transferred to the computer memory after measurement session);
  • offshore thermoprobe which enables to define the density of heat flow by measuring heat conductivity coefficient of bottom sediments and geothermal gradient, temperature in the oceans and seas;
  • bottom thermometer with 0,0010 C, sensitivity measuring accuracy - 0,020 C. It measures temperature of sea bottom continuously and transfers to the computer on the ship.

The results of the research of Azerbaijan geothermy have been reflected in a number of monographies: Geology of Azerbaijan “Earth physics” volume. “Geophysical researches in Azerbaijan”, “Saatly deep well”, “Geothermic researches in oil and gas fields”, “Heat regime of oil and gas fields” and etc.

Collaborators of the department have participated in a series of international projects:
  • The grant # 2285 of CRDF (USA). The formation and activation of mud volcanoes: Quantitative modeling on the basis of gravimetric, geothermic and geochemical information (2002-2004).
  • The grant # AZ-92-2607-M004 of CRDF (USA). Heterogeneousity of sedimentary rocks and untraditional traps on the base of seismic information in quickly subsiding South Caspian basin (2004-2006).
  • The grant # 981746 Nato Expert Visit Ref monitoring of long term well temperatures connected with the global climate change in Azerbaijan (together with AS Geophysics Institute with Czech Republic) (2005). The grant of Science Development Fund under the President of Azerbaijan Republic. Paleo and modern dynamics of Caucasian-Caspian region: Innovation of paleomagnetic and geothermal information base applying modern devices (2011-2012).
  • The compilation of new GIS map and models of heat field and estimation of energy resources of Azerbaijan (2011-2013).
  • The grant of SOCAR Science Fund (Azerbaijan). The estimation of impact of oil-gas production and refining processes to the radioecological situation of environment in the Absheron Peninsula (2012-2013). The grant of Science Development Fund for the Young. The estimation of energy potential of individual geothermal objects and investigation of using prospects in Azerbaijan (example: Carly Well 2014-2015).