Department of experimental petrophysics

Head of department Dr. Safarov Ibrahim Bayram oglu

The main directions of department:
  • improvement of computative technologies and correlation relationship of rocks petro physical properties taking into account spatial dynamics and characteristics of natural geophysical fields;
  • making up the graphic presentation on the base of territory zoning in thermobaric gradient medium taking into account up-to-date ideas of geodynamics and downhole seismic survey;
  • fulfilment of petrophysical modeling of the main geostructural zones defined within the definite geological regions;
  • petrophysical modeling of Earth Interior based experimental study under different thermobaric conditions and also theoretic generalizations using the results of processing for field and bore-hole seismic materials;

The main scientific results:
  • development of technology for making up petrophysical models of Earth Crust and the upper mantle;
  • improvement of methodology to evaluate the main components of field of Paleotensions in Earth Crust;
  • modelling of change and heterogeneity in distribution of physical parameters of Earth Interior.