Department of lithogenesis of the oil-gas bearing basins

Head of department Dr., corresponding member of ANAS Aliyeva Elmira Hajimurad gizi

Tel.: +(99412) 4974468
Fax: +(99412) 5372285
E-mail: [email protected]

The department was formed in 2012 on the base of existing “Ecogeology” department.

Existence of priorities of ecogeology department’s works emphasizing sedimentative component of cycle of matter in nature and natural factor affecting the process of sedimentogenesis.

The main directions:
  • conditions and cycling of accumulation for recent and ancient terrigenous sedimentary systems;
  • sequence-chemostratigraphy;
  • stratigraphic architecture of sedimentary series;
  • climate, sea level change and sedimentation;
  • paleogeography of the Caspian area in MesoCenozoic;
  • geochemical and biogeochemical reactions on change of environment.

Department carries out the following Research Projects and also dissertation topics on priority orientations:
  • reconstruction of paleogeographic conditions in Maykop-Pliocene and quality of hydrocarbons reservoirs of southern transition zone (from Garadagh area till Byandovan);
  • paleogeography, reservoir properties and 3D modeling of reservoirs of deep-seated Pliocene deposits of South-Caspian depression;
  • 3D modeling of stratigraphic architecture of Pliocene deposits in different facial zones of Absheron oil and gas bearing region;
  • accumulation conditions and lithology of overthrust zone in southeast part of the Greater Caucasus;
  • events occurred on Oligocene-Miocene border of western flank of SCD on data of diatomaceous analysis;
  • paleoecology of SCD western flank in Pleistocene-Holocene by results of diatoms study.

As a result of research conducted over recent years the new results have been obtained:
  • A unique detailed section of Productive series of Kirmaky valley is made, this section reflects sedimentation conditions for these deposits.
  • Formation conditions of Productive Series deposits are studied in details and Paleogeographic zoning of the South Caspian basin in Pliocene is carried out.
  • Mechanism of sedimentary series formation in closed basins are revealed due to their fluctuation levels regime.
  • Probable existence of hydrocarbons thick reservoirs in the central deep-sunk part of South Caspian is studied.
  • Paleogeography of South Caspian Depression Western flank in Eocene-Pliocene is studied on data related to mud volcanoes ejections.
  • Bionomic conditions of Plio-Pleistocene basin of Paleo Caspian are revealed on faunistic and geochemical data.
  • The recent cycle of Caspian Sea level fluctuations and its role is revealed in formation of stratigraphic architecture of Kura river delta and accumulation of organic matter in delta sediments.

Department members took part in fulfillment of International Projects funding by International Research Funds INTAS, CRDF, STSU, SNF, UNESCO and also in contract works by order of oil companies such as BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips, OMV, RWE, Lukoil, Rodneft and others. Over the recent years research works were carried out and now they are conducting jointly with national Research Funds – Science Development Fund by President of Azerbaijan Republic and Science Fund of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic.

Many years’ research conducted between department members and scientists from different countries: Technology University in Delft city and University in Utrecht city (Netherlands); University in Gent city (Belgium); Cambridge University (UK); Universities of Maryland and Wayoming States (USA); University named by K. Bernard (Lion c. France); University Geneva city (Switzerland); University of Bucharest (Romania); Moscow State University (Russia).

Classification triangular of Azerbaijan natural gases

        Change of methane
content in Caspian Sea waters