May 16, 2021

On May 15, 2021, an outstanding scientist in the field of geophysics and seismology, leading researcher of the Department of seismology and geomagmetism of the ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, associate professor Solmaz Tofiq kyzy Agayeva died at the age of 65.

In 1978, Solmaz Agayeva graduated from the geological exploration faculty of the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry named after A.M.Azizbekov (now Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry) in specialties of mining engineer-geophysicist. In 1999 S.Agaeva received Ph.D. degree, and in 2010 - degree of associate professor.
Since 1981 she worked at the ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics in various positions.

Under the leadership and with the participation of S.Agayeva, the important scientific and technical projects were implemented. The main scientific achievements are the definition of the regional features of the main stress axes as a result of the study of the focal mechanism of strong and weak earthquakes in Azerbaijan, the assessment of the current stress state of the Earths crust, the development of mechanisms of the observed types of displacements in the earthquake epicenters, etc.

Since 2013, she taught the masters of the faculty of geology (BSU), studied in the specialties “Seismology and physics of the Earths interior”, “Marine geophysical exploration methods”, “Theory of the Earths shape” and “Seismic microzonation” in the IGG. The scientist has demonstrated extensive knowledge and skills.
The memory of the outstanding scientist, associate professor Solmaz Agayeva will forever remain in the hearts of those who know her.

Allah rehmet elesin!